Can I commission a piece?

If you have an idea for a piece or would like me to come up with a bespoke piece just for you then feel free to contact me and we’ll be able to talk about it in greater detail.

Why do you not accept cash payments or collection in-person?

As I’m disabled it makes tracking sales easier for the purposes of showing it to the relevant people, plus cash money isn’t of much use to me as I don’t get to leave the house very often due to my disability, it also means you will get your purchase faster if the money is all handled digitally.

I’ve seen a piece I want to buy of yours that isn’t currently in your online shop, how can I go about purchasing it?

I keep the majority of my art safely in storage away from the hazards of additional paint, cups of tea and just so I can have some additional room to move around. If there’s a piece still in my inventory that’s hasn’t yet been sold and you’ve seen it outside of the store then please email me about it and we can arrange a price and I can invoice you for it.


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